Adult Education

Fourth Presbyterian Church offers a wide range of adult Christian education opportunities. Church School begins at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings.

Sunday School Classes:

January 22nd: No Church School- Annual Meeting


January 8th - February 26th 


What would lead a first-century rabbi to travel thousands of miles by sea and by land, to be beaten, imprisoned, and ultimately beheaded for his faith?  It was a call - a call to turn the world upside down.

This is the story of the Apostle Paul, whose writings continue to shape the lives of one-third of the world’s population, and whose witness defines what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  

Join us in this five-week study of Paul and the lands where he traveled.  Led by Gwen Randolph and Addie Hunnicutt.

Room 22



Holy Scripture. The Good Book.

 Would you like to have a better understanding of the Bible?

Join John Byce and Jonathon Miles during the Sunday School hour to take a fresh look at what it is, where it came from and what’s in it. Prior knowledge not necessary!

But if you have studied scripture feel free to come and shed some light.

Meets in the the Session Room


Want to know what your confirmands are learning or will one day (sooner than you expect) be learning?

 Join Elliott Grow in Parent Confirmation Class.  This class will use the same

curriculum that our 2016-2017 Confirmation class is using. 

Meets in Room 23


Join Rev. Dr. Mike Hoyt, Dr. Peter Hobbie,

and Rev. Dr. Allen McSween to explore…



  • What is the Social Gospel and how did it emerge in America?
  • Is the Social Gospel biblical?
  • Does the Social Gospel promote Socialism?
  • Who proclaimed the Social Gospel in the South?
  • What are the critiques of the Social Gospel?
  • How is the Social Gospel relevant in Greenville today?


January 8: Historical Context: Slavery, Thornwell, and the Industrial Revolution (Hoyt)

January 15: Walter Rauschenbusch — Christianity & the Social Crisis (Hoyt)

January 22: NO CLASS — Annual Congregational Meeting

January 29: Critique of Rauschenbusch: Reinhold Niebuhr (Hoyt)

February 5: Walter Lingle & the Southern context (Hobbie)

February 12: A. J. McElway, E. A. Smyth, and Child Labor (McSween)

February 19: New Social Creed (Chris Iosso, Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy)

February 26: Bearing Witness to the Gospel in Greenville and Beyond (Hoyt)

Meets in the Crymes Room



The Christian Education Committee is interested in knowing what you think about our educational programs and what you would like to study.  If you have suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact Rev. Patricia Gwinn at or 232-8123.

Other Bible Studies are offered at various times throughout the wee

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