Church Basketball is here!

 Please click here to fill out your registration forms. Practice starts Mid-October and games will start early November. The season will end late January/early February. The deadline for registration is Sunday, 9/18 so don't hesitate. Any questions, contact Phil Rabe at See you on the court!


Mission Statement

Passing on the faith of the church from generation to generation through an active program of Christian education and nurture for all ages in which believers are encouraged to grow toward maturity in Christ and obedience to God's will in all of life.

Fourth Presbyterian Church is dedicated to guiding our youth to a more committed relationship with Christ as they develop socially, physically, and spiritually. Athletics provide a unique environment for demonstrating and teaching the virtues of self-control, patience, love, service, respect for authority, ethics, leadership, hard work, and dedication, as they relate to the teachings of Jesus Christ and biblical principles.

Fourth Presbyterian's Principles on Recreational Basketball League Play

Fourth Church's Basketball program is built around the philosophy that the primary goal of any recreational sport is for the youth to learn the sport and have fun. We believe they can do this best when they are taught the fundamentals of the game and when each player is given an equal opportunity to participate in an environment that encourages and even demands good sportsmanship. Competition is an integral and essential part of all sports and we encourage it. Winning championships however, is not, the emphasis of our participation in this league.

The goal and objectives of this youth basketball program is to be a positive learning experience for all children so they can develop physically, mentally and socially and where cooperative team effort, sportsmanship and fun are the end result.

Our principals discourage parents from "playing children up" (placing their child in an older age group) in our program based on the child having stronger skills and or abilities within their peer group. If a parent's goal is for their child to face better competition so that they can grow faster as an individual player then they are best served having the child play in a competitive league (examples would be AAU or YBOA). One of the foundational purposes of our basketball program is to begin building relationships between these children and their immediate age and grade based peers that will both nurture and develop friendships as they proceed thru the Jr High and Sr. High Youth Programs.

Zero tolerance policy regarding poor sportsmanship; Fourth Church reminds all players, coaches and fans at our games and practices that your attendance and participation is a privilege and we expect everyone to observe the highest standards of sportsmanship. Our teams participate in a recreational league setting where everyone is encouraged to applaud great effort on either team when it occurs.

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