Congregational Care

As an expression of their Christian love and concern for all of the members of the Fourth family, the Congregational Care Committee has taken upon itself the ministry of prayer for every member of Fourth Church. They invite any other members of the congregation who may wish to join them in this mission.

What we do...

The purpose of 4th Presbyterian Church's Congregational Care Committee is to offer comfort, care and support to members experiencing illness, death of a loved one, births or adoptions, or other challenges in life.  We also reach out to our members who are unable to attend church regularly.

Births & Adoptions

We celebrate with families by delivering a cradle cross and a red rose placed in the sanctuary as well as providing meals if requested by the family.


We care for church members when a death occurs in the family by helping coordinate funeral receptions if requested.  Our team also can help coordinate a house sitter during the funeral and provide grief support by delivering a series of books to those who have suffered a loss.

Cards & Letter Writing

We provide encouragement by sending cards to members who are sick, unable to attend church, or have experienced a loss.

Extended Communion

We encourage and nurture members who cannot attend church regularly by delivering communion to them in their home.

Food Preparation & Meal Delivery

We care for our members experiencing births, adoptions, deaths, or illnesses by providing requested meals. We also provide meals as needed to those unable to attend on a regular basis and following major church-wide meal events.

Prayer Partners

We care for our members by emailing an updated Prayers of the People list each week. The Prayers of the People list is also available each Sunday at the entrance to the sanctuary.

Visitation & Flower Delivery

We provide support and encouragement to members who are sick, unable to attend church regularly, or experiencing a difficult life situation by delivering flower arrangements created from the Sunday altar flowers.


We serve the needs of members who have challenges regarding transportation.

If you need assistance in any of these areas, please contact Associate Pastor Patricia Gwinn at 864-232-8123, or Congregational Care Committee Chair Shannon Cole.

The Prayers of the People bulletin is updated on Fridays and is available at both entrances to the sanctuary. You may also pick up a copy on the hospitality table in the lobby near the church office. Please use this resource throughout the week to pray for members, friends and families who have asked for prayer.

Note: To receive the Prayers of the People by email, to add a prayer request or to join our prayer chain, call the church office at 232-8123 or complete the form below.

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