Fourth Presbyterian Creation Care Team

New Coffee and Tea!

The Creation Care Committee is pleased to announce that Fourth is serving complimentary Equal Exchange Fair Trade Coffee and Tea in the hospitality area.  By purchasing coffee and tea from fair trade companies we're helping to ensure that farmers earn a fair wage and supporting their using environmentally-friendly growing practices.  We are also selling bags of coffee, and 50% of each sale is helping to support our church's youth programs.  For more information on our new brew please check the hospitality area; for info specifically on the Presbyterian Coffee Project, please visit Presbyterian Mission's website.

Mugs and Plates

We've eliminated using Styrofoam cups for our coffee each week by using 100 coffee mugs every Sunday morning and frequently during the week.  One member of the Creation Care Committee volunteers each Sunday to help facilitate their use so that dirty mugs so we don't cause more work for the church staff.  No more Styrofoam cups for us! Did you know that Styrofoam doesn't decompose in a landfill?

Currently the Creation Care Team and the Wednesday Night Fellowship (WNF) committee are investigating using biodegradable plates for WNF suppers.  We've received estimates and are discussing the feasibility of the cost.


Ongoing Projects

We're continuing our church-wide recycling program! You'll find blue bins for paper throughout the church, and a bin for recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles is located in the donation closet across from the library.

To remind us to save energy our committee has placed "Turn off the Lights" stickers in restrooms and offices throughout the church.

Begun in 2014, Fourth will continue to use Fair Trade Eco Palms for Palm Sunday services each spring. Eco-Palms is an alternative model that pays for quality and allows harvesters to take fewer fronds from each plant, leaving them to regenerate. Eco-Palms add sustainable value to natural forests helping to protect against their destruction, and selective harvesting greatly reduces the amount of waste. Workers that harvest Eco-Palms receive a fair wage for their toil and harvesting communities receive 5 cents more per stem than they would otherwise. These additional funds are used to develop community resources including schools, clinics, worker trainings, leadership development, business management, product diversification, and scholarships for local grade school and university students.


e-Waste Recycling Event

Our first e-waste recycling day was a huge success! Thank you to everyone that brought in your old equipment! There were monitors, computers, printers, circuit boards, hair dryers, TVs, etc. on the stage all to be recycled. We gave the materials to Goodwill as they have partnered with Dell Reconnect recycling program. Goodwill will sort through everything we gave them, repair and resell those items that can be refurbished and recycle the rest. Not only does Goodwill responsibly recycle and refurbish these materials, they provide jobs in the upstate! It is a win-win arrangement.

All recycled materials remain in the US and are not shipped overseas where they are often miss-handled and endanger people and the environment. If you want to know more about Goodwill's recycling program visit this page:

Lake Conestee Nature Walk

On May 15 a group from the church went on a nature walk at Lake Conestee off Mauldin Road. The walk was lead by Tim Taylor. If you want to learn more about this wonderful park in Greenville, click on this link,

Here are a few pictures of what we saw:






Join the Team!

If you are interested in becoming a part of Fourth Presbyterian Church's Creation Care Committee, contact Katie Jones, chair of the committee, for more information.  The committee usually meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:00 PM in the church library.  Currently the committee includes Katie, Helen Byce, Candy Colquitt, Linda Marshall, John Marshall, Katie Rabe, Margaret Smith, Gail Stapleton, Vonnie Vance, Bonnie Wallin, and Kathy Woodson.  We welcome new members and would appreciate your input!
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