Generation 4th Supper Club

The Generation 4th Supper Club  is a young adult fellowship group of Fourth Presbyterian Church.  We meet once a month for a time of fellowship and getting to know one another.  The invite list for this group is somewhat eclectic (as most good things are).  Some are members or former members of Fourth Pres, some are new members or visitors, some are family members or friends of folks here.  Some may have randomly met one of us and said, "hey that sounds interesting" and given us your email address.  We have singles and couples, those with children, and those without.  There are no requirements for the group other than a desire to hangout and eat food with cool people.   In the past we've had anywhere from 8-20 people at a dinner.  No one ever makes it to all of them and every month there's someone there for the first time, so it's a very welcome place for new faces.  There is no "program," "lesson," or "agenda."  Just hanging out.  We often potluck at each other's homes, but occasionally choose to go out and try out a new Greenville restaurant (or an old favorite) or go to a Greenville Drive game and we have also started having a Guys Night Out and Girls Night Out a few times a year. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact Renee Davis or John Byce or find us on our Facebook page to see when our next event is!

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