Little Folks of Fourth Scholarship Fund

The scholarship fund was established to enable a child, who would otherwise be financially unable, to attend Little Folks. It's purpose is to provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating and stable environment for the child while providing an opportunity for the caregiver to deal with a family crisis, attend school, job hunt, or work, knowing that even if their home life is in chaos, that their child is safe and well-cared for. 

The scholarship fund is for families who are already part of the program and encounter financial difficulties and for families in need that are referred to us by individuals and agencies.

Our goal is to make a significant, long-term positive difference in the quality of life for the individual child and the family as a whole.

The scholarship fund is supported by donations from private individuals along with donations from the Presbyterian Women, individual Circles and Church School classes, the Mission and Witness Committee, the Fourth Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund, and the Big Folks of Fourth, our parent organization.

Each recipient of a scholarship discusses their needs with the director and fills out an application form. The application is reviewed by the director and either the associate pastor or the chairperson of the Little Folks Board.

Each application is viewed individually for need. Parents are encouraged to pay as much per day as they are financially able. Scholarships can range from fully funded five days per week to partially funded for one day a week depending on the need of the family and the amount of money in the scholarship fund.

The scholarship aid continues until the family no longer needs our assistance or the child leaves the program. As the financial situations of the family changes, the amount of the scholarship is reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

Our long-term goal is to have available, and to be able to support, two scholarship children per day in each class. 


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