Online Directory

We have an Online Directory...

Now what?


Click here to access the online directory!

       There are 2 ways to access the directory. 

·      Mobile Device through the Instant Church Directory App

·      Online through a password protected page


Instant Church Directory App

The app is only accessible to those already in the directory.

1. Download the FREE ‘Instant Church Directory’ app from your phone’s app store.

2. Type in the email used in your directory information in the step one box. If you don’t remember the email address you submitted, please contact Rae.

3. The app will then email you a personalized password. When you receive your password via email, copy and paste the password into the password box on step 2.

4. Click “sign in”! Once you log into the Instant Church Directory app it will automatically log you in each time you access the app.


Online Password Protected Directory

1. Click the directory banner on the homepage, or find the Directory tab under Fellowship.

2. Double click on the link. It will then download a PDF to your computer. Double click on the downloaded PDF.

3. Type in password and click enter.



The directory will be updated twice a month.

For updates or changes to your information please contact Rae in the church office.

A paper copy will be available in 2017- More details to come

For the password to the Online Password Protected Directory please contact Rae via email ( or by phone 864-232-8123



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