Little Folks of Fourth
A Child Development Center

Little Folks of Fourth is a licensed (#17,760) child development center with the S.C. Dept. of Social Services and follows the guidelines set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The emphasis in our program is learning through play. We use a theme-based curriculum which revolves around children's literature emphasizing that it is the process, not the product, that is important. The activities include story time, music, cooking, craft projects and time for creative play. This is a chance for parents to have a break and for children to learn to play with other children. Our goal is to create a warm and loving environment to help each child become a happy, confident, independent individual.

There is a daily fee and a one-time separate registration fee for the fall & summer programs.  Parents may choose any number and combinations of days for their children to attend as long as it meets their needs and the classes have openings.  In this way, siblings are able to attend on the same days even though they are in different classes.  Late stay can be used as needed, just inform the Director. Register by calling the Little Folks phone number (235-1754) or the Church Office (232-8123). There also is a scholarship fund available.

The Little Folks program has recently progressed to the next rung in our climb up the ladder toward being a nationally accredited quality child care facility! On October 8th we passed our evaluation to see whether Little Folks incorporates "Enhanced Quality Standards" as an integral part of our program. 

Along with the assurance that we have "Enhanced Quality Standards," comes the opportunity to serve children who qualify to participate in the Advocates for Better Care (ABC) voucher program. Call should you have questions concerning this offering.

Little Folks of Fourth Philosophy

The first years of life are of primary importance for a child's later development.  Through interaction with parents and other care givers, the child develops feelings of self-worth, trust, and independence which lead to becoming a confident, secure adult.

We at Little Folks of Fourth believe that each child is a precious child of God... a unique individual who grows and learns at his or her own pace.  We provide a loving, nurturing environment based on Christian principles and values.  We seek to help children grow with a sense of respect for individuals and the world around them, and also knowledge of their responsibility in the world.

To develop their feelings of self-worth, respect, and responsibilities we offer a variety of teacher-directed activities to help with their social, physical, language, and cognitive skills.

Little Folks of Fourth Mission Statement

Little Folks of Fourth is a pre-school childcare and development program for the benefit of children and their parents or custodians.

The program has as its goals:

  • To provide for parents/custodians a secure and positive source of child care.
  • To maintain the opportunity for every single participant, child and parent, to experience a loving, nurturing experience based on Christian principles and values.
  • To foster in each child a sense of independence, compassion, confidence, trust and responsible behavior through a variety of teacher-directed activities.
  • To seek opportunities to serve disadvantaged children.
  • To maintain high standards of child care according to professional standards and Christian values.

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