Safe Sanctuary

In April of 2007, the session of Fourth Presbyterian Church approved a statement of Policy on Child Protection and Prevention of Child Abuse. Fourth Presbyterian is committed to providing and maintaining a safe, nurturing environment for all of its members, especially children and youth under the age of eighteen while in its care during events which are sponsored or co-sponsored by the church. To that end, anyone who volunteers with children or youth more than five hours/year must agree to this policy and agree to a background screening. One-time training sessions are available for congregation members and can be arranged for individuals as needed. A copy of our Safe Sanctuary policy and the Privacy Policy of our Background Screening agency can be found on the NCSI website. Copies of our policy may also be obtained from the Church office. For information concerning our policy you may email Donna Foster, Director of Children and Family Ministry, or call her at 232-8123.  

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