Click here to Give Fourth. Thank you!  Giving at Fourth is easy.

Giving at Fourth is easy by clicking on the "Give 4th" button.  We work with the Presbyterian Mission Exchange to provide a safe and private way to process on-line gifts.   Want to complete a Campaign commitment or contribute to a special offering?  Make a one-time payment using a credit or debit card.  Want to make sure your annual pledge is fulfilled?  Set up recurring payments/automatic deductions from your checking account.  All transactions are completely secure, your donation is tax deductible, and you will receive an immediate confirmation of your gift.  Thank you!

 Please scroll down to view the 2017 Commitment Card- Please fill out and print a copy for your records.


Sharing God's Abundance 

  We Share Gods Abundance as

          The Church Gathered

Through ministry to one another within the congregation

        in worship, prayer, study, fellowship, and care

                    Gods grace is known among us.

          The Church Sent

Through mission to the world beyond the congregation

        in compassion, witness, solidarity, and work

                    Gods grace is known through us.

          The Church Committed

Through generosity in the giving of ourselves

        in gifts of time, energy, and money

                    Gods grace is made visible and tangible,


  bearing witness to Jesus Christ who gave his life for the world.

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