Worshipping Through the Ages


Fourth Presbyterian Church joyfully celebrated its centennial anniversary as a congregation in 2012.  During that year, we prepared for the celebration through a series of worship services based upon the life of the Christian community in earlier time periods.  Each service in the Worshipping Through the Ages series included prayers, imagery, liturgy, hymns, and preaching themes drawn from a particular era in the life of the Church's history. The series was created as part of Rev. Buz Wilcoxon's pursuit of the Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary.  As we enter our next century of being the church together, the witness and wisdom of the communion of saints in ages past continues to guide us on our way. 

Below are the sermon titles.  To hear or download any of them, go to our 2012 Sermon Archives.  

February 5
The Early Church in the New Testament: Breaking Bread and Praising God

February 22
The Age of the Martyrs: Sacrificial Loving (Ash Wednesday)

March 11
The Greek Fathers: One Lord, One Faith, One Hope

April 5
The Latin Fathers: This Is My Body (Maundy Thursday)

April 22
The Celtic Worship Tradition: Worshipping Together

May 6
The Medieval Ideal: Faith Seeking Understanding (Confirmation Sunday)

June 10
The Reformation in Europe: Deep Waters of Reform

July 15
The Reformation in Scotland: Kirk and Covenant

August 12
The Westminster Standards: The Ordered Life of Faith

September 2
The Church in Early America: Witnessing and Wrestling

October 21
The African-American Worship Tradition: Crossing the Jordan

November 18
The Southern Presbyterian Legacy: The Spirituality of the Church

December 12
The Fourth Presbyterian Church Centennial: Generation to Generation

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