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We offer a variety of classes for all ages from nursery to our senior adults. Most of these classes happen during our church school hour at 9:30am each Sunday online, but there are plenty of educational opportunities throughout the week for you to take part in. 




A nursery is provided during the church school hour as well as each Sunday morning worship service. When your child reaches the next age, you may move him/her up to the next class if you wish.



Our preschool children are together during church school, and for this age range, we use the PCUSA curriculum: Growing in God’s Love, A Bible Story curriculum.



Our elementary-aged children take part in the Workshop Rotation Model called "The Crossway.” This model provides an an adventure in Biblical learning by offering an in-depth study of stories that highlight different learning styles. The curriculum follows a five-year scope and sequence that focuses on Bible stories. The children study a new story every month and visit a different classroom each week. Children also memorize a verse each month that is associated with the story they are learning. The rooms we utilize include: Acts, Thou Art, Temple, Moved By the Spirit, Fourth Café, Sounds Divine, and Mission Possible.

Safe Sanctuary

In April of 2007, the session of Fourth Presbyterian Church approved a statement of Policy on Child Protection and Prevention of Child Abuse. Fourth Presbyterian is committed to providing and maintaining a safe, nurturing environment during events which are sponsored or co-sponsored by the church for all of its members, especially children and youth under the age of eighteen.

To that end, anyone who volunteers with children or youth more than five hours per year must agree to this policy and agree to a background screening. One-time training sessions are available for congregation members and can be arranged for individuals as needed.

A copy of our Safe Sanctuary policy and the Privacy Policy of our Background Screening agency can be found on the NCSI website. Copies of our policy may also be obtained from the church office. For information concerning our policy please email Donna Foster, Director of Children and Family Ministries.  




Acts of the Apostles

April 7- May 19  Fellowship Hall  9:30AM

Walk through key stories of the early church in the book of Acts. Study and conversation led by members of the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Study.

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Earth Friendly Stewardship

April 7- April 21  Room 22  9:30AM

Explore the wonder of God’s creation with members of Fourth’s Creation Care Committee!

April 7th: Butterfly Gardens/Bee Keeping

April 14th: Introducing Children to Nature

April 21st: Gardening.

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