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Fourth is a missional church that lives the gospel of reconciliation, cares for all of God’s creation, and serves Christ in all people, especially those who suffer, struggle, and doubt, proclaiming with hope the kingdom of God. We focus on five impact areas: Neighborhood Partnerships, Homelessness and Poverty, Justice and Advocacy, Children and Youth, National and International Partnerships. To learn more about our missional principles, click here.

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Creation Care

The vision statement of Fourth Presbyterian includes this statement: “Fourth . .  . cares for all of God’s creation.” The Creation Care Committee is committed to living out that vision. We are pleased to announce that in March 2022, we became a certified Earth Care Congregation by the Presbyterian Hunger Program. We meet monthly on Wednesday evenings. Please consider participating in our work of caring for God’s creation!    

PCUSA Earth Care Congregation Pledge

Fourth's Creation Care Initiatives

Mission Opportunities

Our Mission Partners

Mission Partners
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