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The 2023 Alternative Christmas Market is now closed. We are no longer accepting donations.


Alternative Christmas Market

Welcome to Fourth’s Online Alternative Christmas Market! The Alternative Christmas Market (ACM) provides a way for our congregation to give back to organizations who are serving as the hands and feet of Christ in our community and world. Last year, we raised over $20,000 to give to our partner organizations! This year, the ACM comes to you virtually, as well as in person on December 3rd, making giving easier than ever. You’re invited to browse through the organizations below and learn about each organization’s mission and work. Once you’ve identified the organizations you would like to support, click “Donate Now” and follow the instructions for online giving. Once we receive your contribution, we will mail you Christmas cards that you can then gift to friends and family, informing them that a gift was made in their honor. All donations must be submitted by Sunday, December 3rd. To participate in our in-person market and to meet our mission partners, join us on Sunday, December 3rd at 11:45am for the Agápē Brunch. Thank you for your generosity! 


A Child's Haven

A Child’s Haven (ACH) is a 501(c)(3) organization that is celebrating 30 years of providing healing therapy for Greater Greenville’s abused and neglected preschoolers, while fortifying vulnerable families and strengthening our community. ACH treats an average 150 children and families annually with a goal of putting them on the road to a brighter future.

Nearly all ACH children have been expelled from their regular childcare setting and suffer the effects of severe emotional trauma. ACH equips these children with skills needed to return mainstream childcare and increase their chances of educational success which should lead to high school graduation and long-term employment. ACH’s multi-generational program works with caregivers, many of whom were victims of childhood abuse and neglect themselves. They provide services, free of charge, to families who qualify and enroll in our program. ACH also offers a 4K program in partnership with SC First Steps to prepare four-year-old clients for success in mainstream kindergarten and beyond.

ACH also offers a 4K program in partnership with SC First Steps to prepare four-year-old clients for success in mainstream kindergarten and beyond.

  • $10 Provides two healthy meals and a snack for a child.

  • $25 Provides reimbursement for therapists’ mileage for a day of Home Visits.

  • $50 Provides a day of round-trip transportation for a busload of children.

  • $100 Provides one hour of individual therapy.


Canterbury Counseling

​ The mission of Canterbury Counseling Center is to provide quality pastoral care and counseling services to all seeking help in the greater Greenville community regardless of faith affiliation, ethnicity, or socio-economic status. 

  • $10 Crafts to stock our therapeutic playroom

  • $25 Coping tools board game for our therapeutic playroom

  • $50 One counseling session for a client receiving reduced rate counseling

  • $100 One counseling session for a client receiving free services



We exist to serve our neighbors in Nicholtown and equip them in their God-given potential for the good of our community.

We believe that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution, but often, furthest from the resources. Our long-term focus is Christ-centered community development. Said another way: we want to see our neighborhood look more like heaven. We believe this will happen as we raise up and equip leaders from within our community. We reach middle and high school students through an Outreach Basketball Program. We're able to engage them with the Gospel, through a Q&A time that students lead. For those interested in growing as leaders, we offer a one-year Discipleship Program (Lead Project) that students apply for. We serve students four days per week at our After-School Program, coupled with our Creative Arts Center. We work on art projects, homework, we eat dinner, and we have a Bible discussion. For those interested in growing more spiritually, we offer a bi-monthly Girl's & Guy's Bible study where we dive deeper into what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Lastly, we hold all of these programs together by Small Group Mentorship. Each student is placed in a small group with another student, and two mentors. We have seen the power of mentorship over the years, in equipping leaders with the life-skills they need to flourish. We have staff members who are former students that have graduated through our

programs, and we hope to see our leadership team continue to reflect our community, as we raise up leaders from within our community.

  • $10 A birthday treat for a student’s birthday

  • $25 Snacks for the students in our After-School Program

  • $50 Recreation trip 

  • $100 Sponsorship for a student 


suffering caused by substance use disorders for over 5,000 new individuals in Upstate South Carolina each year: Rebuilding Lives, Healing Families, Strengthening Communities.

  • $10 Uber ride to Recovery House

  • $25 Daily Helpline On-Call Team

  • $50 Gratitude meal for the participants, to engage and uplift

  • $100 “Gina Love Fund” to get someone the necessary things they need in their recovery

FAVOR Upstate

FAVOR (Faces and Voices of Recovery) is a Recovery Community Center that helps individuals and families with addiction related issues. We provide coaching, daily meetings, resources, and more. All of our services are FREE. FAVOR provides a compassionate and innovative response to the  


Homes of Hope

At Homes of Hope our mission is to open doors for economic mobility through housing, economic and workforce development. We believe that Jesus called us in Matthew 25 to be His hands and feet in meeting the needs of others and that he commissioned us in Matthew 28 to

make disciples of all people. Our vision is to provide opportunities for generational change throughout South Carolina. Homes of Hope began in 1998 with the dream to provide families in poverty with a housing option they could both afford and be proud to call home. Simultaneously, another idea developed: to restore men’s lives through sobriety and job training as they acquired life-changing skills in constructing some of our homes. From humble beginnings remodeling and repairing mobile homes, Homes of Hope has grown into the largest non-profit developer of single-family affordable housing in South Carolina. The small job training program has grown into a successful workforce development initiative that truly transforms the lives of graduates and sets them up for successful careers in well-paying trades. To date we have developed 676 homes and graduated 326 men. We rebuild communities through our affordable housing development of whole neighborhoods that are mixed-income. We intentionally work in communities to make sure we are not creating pockets of concentrated poverty, but are rather mindfully revitalizing communities and taking into consideration the multiple and complex

issues each community faces when undergoing renewal. ​Our mixed-use development projects across the state are another aspect of our mission to rebuild communities; we use our expertise as a developer to help economic revival efforts in communities across South Carolina.

  • $10 New pillow for 1 man

  • $25 Mattress cover and sheet set for 1 of 9 beds

  • $50 Uniform t-shirts for 1 man

  • $100 Work boots for 1 man


Living Learning Community 

To create and nourish a growing network of empowered African women through the framework of a living learning community that uses dialogue, mutuality, and positive regard and cultivates the ability to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit for grassroots leadership work.

The Living Learning Community for Leadership Development with African Women (LLC) is a project that brings young sub-

Saharan African women to Nairobi to live together in community for about three years, with some on scholarship to earn a university degree while simultaneously learning how to engage in grassroots leadership work. Students learn to engage with one another in the spirit of mutuality through dialogue with ongoing positive regard for others.

Once they graduate, they pay it forward by going back to their country, rural village, or informal settlement areas to replicate the same processes they practiced in the LLC experience, working with women who face oppression and extreme poverty. It is the African women, themselves, who are wise, strong, and resilient, who are giving shape to projects in their own community for development and transformation.

The Living Learning Community has multiplied to informal settlement areas of Nairobi, to rural northeast Nigeria, and to 

female theology students in Kigali, Rwanda! We hope to start a LLC with the Batwa women of Burundi soon.

You can double your donation before December 31st because we have a matching fund of $16,000 for which we have raised about $9,000.

  • $10 Electricity for one student for one month

  • $25 Internet for one student for one month

  • $50 One textbook for university studies

  • $100 Rent for one student for one month


Mill Village Ministries

Mill Village Ministries is a faith-based family of nonprofit enterprises that elevates our whole community through social justice, healthy food, bicycle access, youth employment, and entrepreneurial training in Greenville, SC. We accomplish this work through four social enterprises: Mill Village Farms, Village Engage, Village Launch, and Village Wrench. Mill Village Farms is a nonprofit farm and produce distributor that teaches life skills to youth, employs students, and provides access to healthy 

produce for all. MVF houses FoodShare Greenville, part of a state-wide program which fights food insecurity by selling subsidized fresh produce boxes to customers with SNAP benefits or financial strain. Village Engage is a nonprofit faith-based community organizer that provides educational opportunities, space for dialogue, and avenues for action to tackle systemic injustices facing the people of Greenville, SC.. Village Launch is a nonprofit Entrepreneur Support Organization that provides educational services, mentorship, and market access primarily for minority and women-owned start-ups. 

Village Wrench is a nonprofit bicycle shop that provides accessible sales and service, youth employment, and community education for all current and future bike riders. Together, we are Mill Village Ministries.

  • $10 One fresh food box for a family facing hardship

  • $25 Helps cover the cost of bike repair for a community member

  • $50 Dinner for our students in our Youth Leadership Development classes

  • $100 Covers the cost of one training session with a grassroots entrepreneur

PH Logo_Tagline.jpg

Project Host

Our mission: using food as a tool to nourish the hungry and train the unemployed.


We fight food insecurity in the greater Greenville area by feeding the hungry, training and educating the un- and underemployed, and paying it forward through our social enterprises.

At our core, we believe food is the main ingredient to ensure individuals are healthy and thriving in their communities.

  •  $10  Feed one guest for a week in the Soup Kitchen 

  • $25  Feed one child for a week through Cooking For Kids 

  • $50  Sponsor a student for a day in our Culinary School 

  • $100 Fee ten guests for a week in our Soup Kitchen 


Safe Harbor

  • To influence a culture in which all people feel safe and valued in their relationships.

  • To provide a continuum of services to victims of domestic violence and their children. 

  • To eliminate cultural acceptance of domestic violence through a coordinated community response, education, and prevention.

Safe Harbor is a non-profit organization providing safe shelter, counseling, advocacy, and trauma informed services for survivors of domestic violence and their children, and domestic violence prevention and education throughout Greenville, Anderson, Oconee and Pickens Counties.  For more information on available services or volunteer opportunities, visit Safe 

Harbor at or call our 24/7 crisis line – 1.800.291.2139.

  • $10 Bus tickets for a shelter client to get to/from work

  • $25 Diapers and wipes for a shelter client with a baby/toddler

  • $50 Rental application fee for a client seeking housing

  • $100 Dinner for clients in all 3 of Safe Harbor’s shelter locations


Sterling Land Trust

The Sterling Neighborhood community and surrounding areas are viable, sustainable, and self-reliant. Our mission is to protect, preserve, and promote the historic legacies of the Sterling community through economic development, education, and historic preservation. We serve as land stewards and play a critical role in addressing the social determinants of health by providing safe and affordable housing, community gardens and farms, commercial spaces, and other community assets. 

Additionally, we are working to create a Memorial Grove where Sterling High School once stood before it was destroyed by a fire in 1967. The grove will serve as an important cultural and historic resource for Sterling and the entire Greenville community.  

  • $10 Seeds for the community garden

  • $25 Gardening tools for teens

  • $50 Landscaping supplies for the Memorial Grove 

  • $100 A donation toward the cost of a large plaque that will depict the history of Sterling High School



Here, at the Queer Wellness Center (QWC) in the heart of Greenville South Carolina, we believe in the transformative power of inclusivity, acceptance, and holistic well-being. With this in mind we developed our vision: To support and enhance a community in Upstate South Carolina where LGBTQ+ children,

couples and families feel safe knowing they will have access to competent and inclusive medical and wellness services. Our mission is to enhance access and reduce barriers to life  saving and identity affirming services for the LGBTQ+ community in the upstate of South Carolina. 

  • $10  Pays for a gas card, Uber ride, or bus tickets for clients to get to appointments

  • $25 Pays for 2 weeks of snacks for our youth services

  • $50 Pays for 1 medical visit to either a medical or mental health provider

  • $100 Pays for 2 nights of shelter in a safe, affirming place for an LGBT+ person who has become homeless as a result of the orientation and/or identity 

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Donate Now!


First, fill out this google form to let us know which organizations you would like to donate to, how many cards you need, etc.

Next, go to our "Give" page. Type in the total amount of money you would like to donate to the Alternative Christmas Market under "Amount." Click continue, enter your payment information, and click give to make your contribution. Someone will contact you to arrange the delivery of your Christmas cards. Thank you! 

All donations must be received by December 3rd.

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